Here’s Room 10 Making Whoopee…in our living rooms!


We decided to put together one of those lockdown videos that look like they’ve been done on Zoom….don’t you believe it!

A little clip from yesterday’s Warmley Jazz Club gig – not the best quality, but you get the picture!

PS Hazel doesn’t have pink hair…it’s the lighting!

PPS Adam is wearing a balaclava as he had a cold….and wanted to keep it to himself!

Here’s a clip from The Greyhound in Tetbury last night (why is it that everyone records Tuxedo Junction?!)

Well, at last I’ve managed to cobble together a few tracks from our last gig, it’s very noisy, our lovely audience were certainly enjoying themselves that night! …..and if you don’t listen/watch it all, definitely don’t miss the very end!!

Here are parts of a couple of rough recordings done at our rehearsal just before our first gig, to give you a taste of what we do – I hope you enjoy them!

Mack the Knife  

Tuxedo Junction