A try-out, an escapee and a lost soul….

Another good practice last night! (Apart from me taking an hour and a half to drive home….M4 closed again…)

A new double bassist, Pete, came along to try out, we audition each other on these occasions as both sides have to be pleased with what we hear! I haven’t yet heard if he’s joining us, that’ll be for my next blog post.

Dan (trombone) couldn’t make it last night, so we missed him! Still, I do think it’s good when a band member occasionally can’t come along, as we hear the music differently, and it makes us concentrate.

I’ve sourced a few interesting musical pieces for us to learn – two are still winging their way from the States, so we’re waiting impatiently, the third we had a look at last night. It’s very challenging for the alto sax though, and as Mark cannot see the musical score it’s doubly taxing for him.

Well, that’s it for……oh, the lost soul? That’ll be the saxophonist who was coming along to see if he wants to join us, but he couldn’t find room 10, so gave up and went home! Maybe we need to play louder….

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