Slave to the rhythm..

Ben the drummer had a holiday from us tonight, and he’ll be delighted to learn how very difficult it was to do without him! But with a combination of electronic metronomes and optimistic counting, we got by…!

And Dave, one of our alto sax players was away too (these men are so romantic, having Valentine’s Day hols!) so there were lots of…well…quiet bits in our tunes! But as I’ve said before, it’s good when musicians are occasionally away, it pares down the music to the bare bones, there are no hiding places! (Something I myself was very aware of tonight, having to count beats before starting to sing)

One person who bravely came along was Joel, our lovely French guitarist. There’s loads of music for him to learn, but he’s starting to plough through it, and making us sound much better already, a much fuller sound.

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