Help needed!

Great rehearsal tonight, and we’re looking good too (even though I say it myself!) thanks to Ailsa’s talented work – Alisa, you’re a star!

So…we’re all ready for our next gig, a party in the Ridgewood Centre on Saturday 20th of October, but what we really need are a few video clips of our performance. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation with the website; we need something to encourage people to book us, so we’d like someone to do a video – but we can’t afford to pay much, as we haven’t had much work yet!

So if any of you kind, talented people (and having a ‘good eye’ is rather more important than having fantastic kit) could lend a hand on that night, we’d be eternally grateful! There’s a few pints in it, and either a lift there or travel expenses.

Go on…it’ll be a laugh….!

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