Another booking!

We’ve been booked to do our set in a 1940s event at the beginning of June, in Tetbury. It sounds like a fantastic night out!

More details as and when we have them (I don’t think this one is a private party, so you might be able to come along!)

First Welsh gig!

We’re doing our first Welsh gig, a private party in Cardiff at the beginning of May…yay! We’re international! A bit more planning required for most of the band, as most live in Bristol or beyond…what’ll work best…car sharing? Even a minibus is being discussed..! But for me (Pat) it’s brilliant…I could walk!

Cymru am byth!

Double, double bass!

Our new bassist Rich brought along both of his electric upright basses to rehearsal the other evening, instead of his bass guitar – he’s a man of many talents! He’s playing a different one each week, so we can decide which suits our music best – we think they look so cool, and sound even better!

And that extra one, in the middle? That’s Mark’s stick…wearing his coat! (What else?!)

Thanks to Hazel for the pic…and the headline!

Here comes the…….

….bride…..and groom, because we’ve been booked to entertain at our first wedding! Yay! How exciting! We’ve got lots of new numbers ready to learn, and maybe a new one for a First Dance, which will be delightful.

It’s not till August though, hopefully we’ll have loads more gigs before then…..

30s, 40s, 50s…..

I’m often asked what sort of music we do, and I say ‘swing’ – but that’s not the whole story. We’re rather precise with our period – and although Mack the Knife is indeed older (originally 1928) we stick to our guns with this!

That’s not to say that we would refuse to perform a couples’ favourite tune for their First Dance at their wedding for example, that’s different, and special!

But we’re not looking to be a ‘covers’ band, doing watered down versions of Lennon and McCartney – that’s just not us!

Plotting and planning….

After Saturday’s triumph, tonight’s rehearsal was more of a meeting (although we did play some tunes, of course) – listening to different versions of new numbers for us to buy, to expand our repertoire, and discussing what gigs we’ll do….exciting!

We’re also looking for a new bassist, as John has had to leave us – he’s too busy now to fit us in. Shame, he’s so good! But there’s been lots of interest in our advert, so I’m sure we’ll find someone very soon.

Some more pics from Saturday night….

I’ve been sent photos of our performance, I’ve selected a few I thought you might like to see….here they are!

Another success for room 10!

Last night was our biggest gig yet – a Valentine’s dinner dance. And it went swingingly! Everyone had a good time…including us, and we weren’t even drinking!

Here are a few pics from before we started – rigging and setting up.

Ben’s back!

Ben had to leave us because of his new job, but as our new drummer, Simon, has commitments this weekend, lovely Ben has stepped back into the breach to help us out at our gig this Saturday – good man!

So we had an extra rehearsal last night, just to familiarise ourselves with all the music again – and all the tweaks and changes we’d made. It was all a bit strange and daunting at first, but soon we all just swung back into our usual style! No probs!

Still two weeks to go, and…..

How exciting! It should be a good do, with such a great audience…I hope they all bring their dancing shoes….!