Any parties coming up?

Room 10 are looking for more gigs this year – it’s what we like doing best!

Please contact us on our contacts page if you’d like to discuss costs etc – we might be cheaper than you think! (And if we’re not…maybe we can sort something out….)


We’re regrouping a bit – learning lots of new numbers, and going over old ones that we’ve not attempted for ages! Interesting…!

We’re also planning to have a promo video recorded – we’re still considering a good venue to use. (Any ideas?)

Happy birthday to Janet!

We had a fab gig on Sunday night, I’m still compiling the photos – here’s one from before we started (taken by Simon, the drummer…that’s why he’s missing!)

Everyone was lovely, and all so welcoming – thanks Janet (who’s birthday party it was) – it was terrific to see everyone up dancing the night away!

First Welsh gig!

We’re doing our first Welsh gig, a private party in Cardiff at the beginning of May…yay! We’re international! A bit more planning required for most of the band, as most live in Bristol or beyond…what’ll work best…car sharing? Even a minibus is being discussed..! But for me (Pat) it’s brilliant…I could walk!

Cymru am byth!

Happy birthday to us!

A year ago today we had our first rehearsal – what a long way we’ve come since then! Lots of changes in personnel, only four of us remain from our original line up. But we worked (and played!) through our problems, and emerged stronger and more together, and we’re going from strength to strength!

Three more gigs were planned tonight, which is pretty exciting!

We celebrated our first birthday with cake and fizz….

Maybe next year we’ll have crystal glasses…cheers!

‘Somebody’ couldn’t wait till we took a pic….are those your teeth marks, Dan?! 😁