It’s our birthday!

Four years ago, room 10 got together for the first time…a very different group of people to who we are now! But with about half of us stalwarts from the start, I think I can still confidently say we’re still the same room 10 band!

Here are a few pics from the last four years – and now we’re back to our full complement of nine, and rehearsing madly, I’m sure we’ll soon have more performance photos to add to these. 😁

Onward and upward!

Me and the girls giving it welly on our very first gig.
The appreciative audience!
Gig at Ridgewood
Mark…The Boss!
This was such fun! The Filton golf club party.
A birthday party in Cardiff
Tetbury, VE celebrations party
Was there ever a cooler pic?!
Warmley Jazz Club, just before the first lockdown

And finally, in those halcyon Room 10 days….

Some more pics from Saturday night….

I’ve been sent photos of our performance, I’ve selected a few I thought you might like to see….here they are!

Another success for room 10!

Last night was our biggest gig yet – a Valentine’s dinner dance. And it went swingingly! Everyone had a good time…including us, and we weren’t even drinking!

Here are a few pics from before we started – rigging and setting up.