Put it in your diaries!

Yes! At last we’ve managed to arrange a gig in Cardiff, for our Cardiff friends! It’ll be on Saturday, 11th Feb, 2023 in St Mary’s hall in Canton, further details and tickets nearer the date.

And for our Bristol friends? Well, we’re in Resound on Blackhorse Road on the night before, the 10th Feb.

Something for everyone!

We’re working!

If you were disappointed today, on Valentine’s Day, this’ll cheer you up!


Some more pics from Saturday night….

I’ve been sent photos of our performance, I’ve selected a few I thought you might like to see….here they are!

Another success for room 10!

Last night was our biggest gig yet – a Valentine’s dinner dance. And it went swingingly! Everyone had a good time…including us, and we weren’t even drinking!

Here are a few pics from before we started – rigging and setting up.

Still two weeks to go, and…..

How exciting! It should be a good do, with such a great audience…I hope they all bring their dancing shoes….!

Now we’re cooking on gas…..!

Room 10 is complete again. With Simon the drummer agreeing to join us, and Adam the pianist a couple of weeks ago, we’re now getting the sound we’d hoped for back in 2017, when we started it all off…such a big band sound, just brilliant!

Getting ready for our next gig, it’s a pretty steep learning curve for our new players…

Here are the details of the gig, if you’d like tickets contact any of the band, or use the contact form on this site.

PS It’s in Filton Golf Club…I forgot to say!